Healing On The Streets Bath (or HOTS Bath) is a registered charity working on the streets of Bath. Our charity registration number is 1133098 and the official entry on the Charity Commission website can be found here. This shows our registration details such as activities, trustees and year end accounts/reports.

HOTS Bath began in 2009. It is governed by a trust deed which was established on 15th September 2009 and it registered as a charity on 3rd December 2009.

Our vision is “To promote Christian healing as a daily life style for every believer through demonstration, training and equipping”.

For many people going to a church is no longer a commonplace activity. Nevertheless, Christianity is growing fast and is as powerful today as it has always been.  Rather than waiting for you to come to Church, we decided to get out of our buildings and come to you so that you too can experience the healing power of Jesus Christ and the love that God has for you, on the streets of Bath.

As well as seeking to promote Christian healing as a daily lifestyle for every believer through demonstration, training and equipping, HOTS Bath has seen many people healed on the streets of Bath. Most of the miracles Jesus performed took place outside and the aim of HOTS is to imitate Him. This is done following the Biblical model of personal prayer for healing, praying in the name of Jesus and in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Church Involvement

HOTS Bath draws Christian volunteers from Churches in the city and surrounding areas who are passionate about healing. All the volunteers have personal experience of the love of God through Jesus and through the presence of God, offer healing prayer on the streets of Bath.

At the moment about 20 Churches of different denominations are represented on the HOTS Bath team in some way or another.

HOTS Bath has ongoing relationships with other HOTS teams in the country. If your Church or organisation would like to become involved then please use our contact page to get in touch with us.

If you would like further information about HOTS Bath or would like to attend a training session please do contact us.

HOTS Bath Council of Reference and what they have said:

Paul Wakely – Father’s House, Bath:

“The Hots Bath team are all giving of themselves to this work with real dedication & faithfulness & it is a great inspiration to God’s people in the city & region. Their heart to demonstrate God’s love & goodness right in the middle of the city comes with consistent integrity & clear testimonies to the power of God. It’s very encouraging stuff!”

Canon Roger Morgan – now of ReSource – formerly vicar of Holy Trinity, Leicester.

‘I am proud to be associated with Hots Bath and especially with [the founder] Paul Skelton from whom I have received a great deal of loving friendship. Paul is gentle, wise and humble and completely given over to demonstrating the Kingdom by using the remarkable gifts which God has bestowed on him.’

Rev Paul Kenchington – Vicar, Holy Trinity, Combe Down:

HOTS is clearly a work of God – why else would it receive opposition (at a national level!) and vast blessing (at a local level) as people open up to the presence and power of God, and are strengthened and even healed here on the streets of Bath. The HOTS Team are dedicated and committed to the Lord’s work in each challenge and in all weathers (!). I am happy to commend and bless them”.

Rev Tim Buckley – St Matthew’s, Widcombe and Holy Trinity, Combe Down

In this ancient city, long famed for its healing spa waters, the Bath HOTS team under [the founder] Paul Skelton’s direction and training has continually proved itself to be a passionate, well trained, mature, servant-hearted and authentic representation of Jesus’s Kingdom life and ministry here in our community today. The Good News of Christ and His resurrection power is truly hitting the streets with love and power; it’s a privilege to stand with this team in all their endeavours.

Andrew Leakey – Grace Community Church:

“I love the gentle but radical faith that Paul Skelton [the founder of HOTS Bath] demonstrates. He models the heart of the Father for people with sensitivity and simplicity and makes the supernatural look natural. He and the HOTS team inspire me to believe God for the more and they will do the same for you!