You can find us in the square next to Bath Abbey. We are usually by the south-west corner of the Abbey, near the entrance to the Abbey shop. Look out for our ‘Healing’ banner. A map showing where we are can be found by clicking here.

Each week, between April and November, you can find us on a Tuesday or Thursday between 11:00am and 1:00pm in the square below Bath Abbey. Our scheduled dates for 2018 are:

Tuesday 17th April
Thursday 26th April
Tuesday 1st May
Thursday 10th May
Tuesday 15th May
Thursday 24th May
Tuesday 29th May
Thursday 7th June
Tuesday 12th June
Thursday 21st June
Tuesday 26th June
Saturday 30th June

If you are traveling to Bath especially to visit HOTS, please feel free to contact us and check we will be there.

We are here for you. We always have time to talk simply or to chat about the deeper questions of life.

What does it cost? Nothing! It’s totally free and without obligation, so it won’t cost you a penny.

The personal details of those prayed for will never be disclosed to a third party. Specific testimonies are released only with a person’s consent.

For some interesting stories about the power of personal prayer please visit our stories page.

If you would like more information or have further questions, please feel free to use our contact page.