HOTS Bath Team Report, Thursday 27th June 2019

What a glorious day in the square. Only four of us on the team so we were busy a lot of the time. 

It was an interesting start as a young lady had set up overlapping our pitch. She asked if we were the religious ones who went around praying for people, she doesn’t like the way we go round the benches and have disturbed her lunch, she doesn’t believe in one God and she didn’t want to be associated with us so could we move somewhere else please?! All said in a calm way, not aggressive or angry. My response was that we could not move as we had been there for years and it was our spot. Steve suggested he help her move along but she said she’d put her big brolly to separate us! She never did! To cut a long story short we just loved on her, resulting in her coming for prayer and the pain easing across her shoulders. A word of knowledge about colour released her to share about her depression and giving up a stressful job which we prayed about. The session ended with her asking my advice about her pricing of her pottery. What an amazing God we serve!

Lots of other encounters:

A lovely 95 year old veteran was more than happy to be blessed.

A group of Dutch people stopped to bless us in what we were doing.

A man in a wheelchair allowed a team member to pray, even when his wife beat a hasty retreat!

Two women from Yorkshire stopped and received prayer. One of the their sons was going through a nasty separation and she was very worried about him. After prayer there was a great conversation about faith and our faithful Father and she went away very encouraged.

Two of the female vicars from the Abbey came for prayer after the Lord told one of them to do so four times! They were both blessed. Tears flowed as the trauma from a serious skiing accident was broken and encouraging words were spoken over her.

A young woman received prayer for healing. A serous accident years ago had left her in pain, constant infections, three bouts of sepsis and she couldn’t see any way forward. Pain in her hip eased when her legs came into alignment.

So a really encouraging day out there!

Thank you Father for Your faithfulness and Your reminder that your YES is always a YES!

PS – Only one envelope left. Could have given out more today.

HOTS Bath Team Report, Thursday 30th May 2019

One of those days on the square when there are lots of tourists but not many willing to stop! Even so there were some good conversations and a few people prayed for.

A young woman who looked like a stroke victim said it was too late for prayer for what had happened to her. She was happy to receive a prayer of blessing and was very thankful.

A young couple engaged in a long conversation and he said he believed in many ‘gods’. A team member talked about Jesus being God and the only one able to forgive sin. They received prayer and he was visibly touched by God’s presence. Seeds sown.

A man from Australia was concerned about his wife back in Australia who is having tests for cancer. The team spoke healing for her and prayed for him.

L came for prayer saying God told her to come after she found us on the Internet. She had been attacked some years ago and was in pain from her back and emotional trauma. She said only one person in the medical profession seemed to understand the problem. The team broke the trauma. They then talked about forgiveness and she said she had been trying to do that but found it hard. After praying it through together she said said she felt as if she couldn’t swallow but then it was clear. She then said she felt so much lighter and it was visible in her face. She was so thankful and delighted when told she could come back any time. A real God appointment.

So, as we keep saying, worth it for the one!

PS – Only three white envelopes left.

HOTS Bath Team Report, Thursday 2nd May 2019

After the weekend I think we all went out feeling refreshed and encouraged. We also felt challenged by Mark saying connect with people.

The first twenty minutes were quiet but from then on we had a steady flow of good conversations and people on the chairs.

A lady on the bench wanted to come for prayer but was hesitant. A team member prayed with her for her son’s friend who is seriously ill with a heart virus and waiting for a transplant.

L the homeless man who has had lots of prayer support was happy to report he moves into his flat next week. He can now get his permit and get work. He was full of smiles.

A Christian couple stopped for prayer. The team members praying for her both saw her surrounded by butterflies, she was overwhelmed as we talked about renewal. After prayer for hip pain and colitis she was was touched deeply by the Lord. Words of knowledge about: a door opening that she had been knocking on; a dark blanket being lifted to reveal light; being given a ring of authority; and honey dripping from her mouth were received with excitement and joy. She left saying, “What an amazing thing to take home when l only went out shopping!”

A lady with breast cancer was expecting to be told it was terminal, like her friend. A team member prayed for her and for her friend releasing hope.

A man with an enlarged prostate received prayer as the team commanded it to shrink. They didn’t test it out (oops sorry!!).

A lady full of pain and no hope said she lost her faith when her daughter died in tragic circumstances. She wouldn’t sit down but was happy to have a blessing prayed and was really thankful.

An elderly lady stopped to say how brave we were to go out and do this. She said she belonged to a healing group that met to pray for people but not with them. After receiving a blessing and being told of God’s love for her she said that was exactly what she needed to hear, “A pick me up for today”.

Another lady stopped to say well done and encourage us.

A Christian wife stopped for prayer for her non-believing husband and daughter. Words about: a bunch of red roses; and her being the fragrance of Christ in the family encouraged her greatly.

A member of the team had her back pain prayed for and it went. A word was given about her heart of compassion.

We were packing up when a young mum with a pushchair stopped. Her close friend had died the day before and she felt lost. She said she’d been to us before on a couple of occasions and had received healings. Her ‘spirituality’ was very confused and she was full of questions. A team member suggested praying would be best and to wait on God. She started to cry and experience His presence. A team member explained about God’s love and the Holy Spirit etc. When asked if she would like a relationship with Jesus she said yes. She felt unable to repeat what was being said but said Amen at the end of the prayer. We feel it was the start of an important journey. She went away with an envelope and a Bible.

At the same time a young student was being prayed for. She had a Christian Dad who used to take her to church so had a solid background. She was searching for more and, after conversation, she gave her life to the Lord. It was suggested she contacts Nigel at the university now. She went away with an envelope and recommendation to go to St Matts.

What a morning! We left the square at 2pm!! The rain which was forecast didn’t come either! Great team! Well done! Lots of interaction! Made a difference!

Envelopes needed Dorian, please.


Blessings and love to all Bxxx.