HOTS Bath Team Report, Tuesday 5th November 2019

A cloudy, chilly autumn day. The square was peaceful, with few people passing through and not many sitting on the benches. So, we had time to pray for the needs of team members, see one leg grow and prophetic words were well received.

  • S, from Romania, selling the Big Issue, was encouraged by the team and interested enough to receive a Why Jesus
  • A still finds life very difficult. She returns each week for prayer which encourages her.
  • B, came for a spiritual top up and received prophetic words as well.
  • J, just happened to be passing through the square and was very encouraged to receive prayer.
  • A curate stopped on her way into the Abbey to encourage us. So good to have that support.
  • A conversation with a young Christian chilling out on a bench during his lunch, turned into prayer and prophecy that may change his life.

As with every session on the square, the excitement is that we have little idea what God will do with the seeds we plant. We simply know it will be more than we are aware of.

HOTS Bath Team Report, Tuesday 22nd October 2019

A very encouraging session on the Square. Warm and dry and an atmosphere of peace, even the buskers were quiet.

Key encounters:

  • An oriental lady, S, had only “2 minutes”, asked for prayer for her aching shoulders. She felt warmth when hands were laid on her shoulders, left in a rush, but very grateful.
  • One of our regulars needed prayer for healing of pain in her left eye and for favour for her interview for P.I.P. (this will decide what financial support she will get).
  • A was a believer who had serious problems with her neighbours. She was finding great difficulty in forgiving them. We prayed for peace for her and the situation and guided her into agreeing forgiveness for them. She insisted that we didn’t lay hands on her (I wish all the church had such faith in the laying on of hands).
  • One of our team noticed a man sat by himself and thought to himself, “If he doesn’t move in a couple of minutes, I’ll go and talk to him.” Looking back, he was gone from the bench, but here he was sitting on the seat for prayer! Sometimes we don’t recognise the nudge of the Holy Spirit.
  • M had suffered for years with an eye condition that prevented him looking at TV screens, He had received prayer from us before, resulting in some improvement. This time we also prayed and gave prophetic words for his family. He then soaked in our declarations of Fathers love for him.
  • P stopped for prayer for eyesight and knees. Also, ½” difference in leg length was corrected straight away.
  • J from USA “very much appreciated” the prayers he received and left with a huge smile on his face.
  • A team member was drawn to J, a lady sat on the Pump Room steps with her head in her hands. J received prayer and then poured out her traumatic history. She was impacted by Jesus being called The Prince of Peace, something she hadn’t experienced in her household, and eagerly accepted a Why Jesus booklet.
  • An elderly couple asked for prayer for their son G, who is blind and now losing his hearing. We are so blessed that we can be a presence in the Name of Jesus to offer prayers of hope to those who haven’t given up on their God, at such times of extreme anguish.

Equipment fine, only one white envelope in blue bag, but a number of Why Jesus booklets. 

HOTS Bath Team Report, Tuesday 10th September 2019

A lovely warm, peaceful day with a team of 5 plus one shadowing.

At least one chair was occupied almost all the session with a steady stream of customers.


S had mild odeama (swollen legs) and a long list of medical ailments including depression through his life. We declared healing throughout his body and then realised he walked with a limp. Yes, we could see a difference in leg length of 1/2″. No sign of movement when we commanded. Then suddenly he moved  one foot and brought the heels perfectly together. Something was different he said, but was still limping as he walked away. 

A Christian lady, K, was limping due to 2 perished cartilages in her knee, so sightseeing was a painful business. She felt peace as the team commanded healing. She was really encouraged by the prophetic words she then received.

A young man, A, seemed to be repeatedly glancing at us, and came to the chair when prayer was offered. He was from a broken family, now in a hostel run by Christians, considered himself a Christian. We ministered the Father’s love to him and could see tears in his eyes. He was happy to pray a prayer of commitment and was so blessed and encouraged. He was given a white envelope. Had this been the only encounter it would have been worth our time!

The team continued the ongoing ministry to the regulars, to each other, and other conversations were seeds planted that Father will use.

Such an encouraging session!

Equipment fine but more white envelopes are needed.

HOTS Bath Team Report, Tuesday 13th August 2019

A lovely warm day and the square empty of buskers for most of the morning due to filming in an adjacent road.

Ara arrived first and had ministered to our first client even before we arrived. T had been prayed before, for his painful back. This time he felt movement in both legs and felt better. He is gradually developing a deeper relationship with Jesus. T is training in the Anglican ministry. He received  impartation and prophetic words and pictures from the team and was very encouraged.

M came to receive prayer and told how he had been one of the first Bath HOTS teams. He stayed with us and worked with the team for the rest of the session. M had eye problems with every kind of artificial light, including computers. This gave him extreme headaches (which was one of the words of knowledge given during team prayers). He wasn’t a Christian, but did believe in a God and was desperate enough to ask for prayer. We gave him a white envelope.

A asked for her weekly prayer encouragement. A number of good conversations were had; R, an atheist, was happy to talk and hear that God created for a purpose and loved him.

P, a long term believer, disillusioned with Church, but enjoys talking about His Loving Father.

A family (muslim) from Kuala Lumpar stopped and talked. The women were in hijab. Ara had been told before by muslims that Jesus is mentioned as a healer and miracle worker in their beliefs. This family were happy to hear about Jesus healing. Seeds sown.

Of course, we also prayed for team members, with low level pain in wrist and shoulders driven out.

Another wonderful day of seeing God meet peoples needs. We are so blessed that He chooses to partner with us.

HOTS Bath Team Report, Tuesday 2nd July 2019

A lovely warm day, and a peaceful atmosphere in the square.

Our team of 6 were kept busy for most of the morning, the first client arriving before the team had assembled.


P and his wife R were well known to one of the team. P had suffered from ME, particularly attacking the brain and nervous system, for more than 25 years. Now he was experiencing early onset dementia. Following prayer, we felt the years of decline were halted, to be followed by years of ascent. P was encouraged to take up the guitar and worship again. Prophetic pictures were described to both of them. Both P and R were very encouraged.

Mr K originally came from Iraq. He was aged 80 years, with a lot of pain in his legs, hips and both eyes. His left leg grew over an inch when commanded. Although he still felt pain, he recalled his youth in Christian schools and was happy to receive a white envelope. We prayed that he would share the event with his muslim friends.

A Christian lady whose daughter (M) is at work in a hotel in Ibiza, said that rival biker gangs were threatening trouble in the hotel. The team prayed for protection and one saw Jesus holding an umbrella of protection over M. The mother went away peaceful and blessed. She returned sometime later to say that God had kept her daughter safe during the trouble.

Apart from the regulars, Papa always sends someone along to encourage us. Today’s encouragers were P and A from Weston All Saints.

Whenever it was quiet we used the opportunity to minister to one of the team, and those prayers and prophetic words demonstrated that we each had significant needs, that Papa was dealing with, not ignoring. He is so good.

Equipment fine, more white envelopes supplied.

HOTS Bath Team Report, Thursday 18th June 2019

A wet day with drizzle most of the morning. Dorian brought the parasol and 6 of us spent the session chatting to those who would stop. Some very good conversations, but very few wanted prayer. Even christians who wanted to encourage us.

The team ministered to each other.

Highlight was definitely the young couple who were due to be married tomorrow, who sat down for a blessing. 

So, not much to report, but we don’t know the significance of what our presence (and therefore His presence) achieved,

Equipment ok, except only one brolly left.

HOTS Bath Team Report, Tuesday 7th May 2019


Just chatting to I, leaning against the wall, did he need prayer for his family? He suddenly opened up, revealing he was grieving over his brother, seemingly on the brink of death. He was surprised to hear the prayer and the blessing for him and was open to hear the gospel.

A had experience 7 years of grief over an acrimonious divorce. She awoke this morning feeling she had to come to Bath. Not knowing about HOTS, she saw the flag and came to the chairs. With her, she brought photos which she intended to tear up and dump, to erase what her husband had done to her. After prayer, on the teams advice, she binned the photos and went away totally changed.

C and her daughter were seated on one of the benches. After received one of our fliers they came for prayer. C‘s sister had died on Sunday. She welcomed the assurance that it was ok to grieve, and received peace and comfort from the team.

B came for a blessing and healing from a cold. She received peace and prophetic words about the dreams she had for her life.

B had back pain; one leg grew a bit too much, so the other leg grew out to match it.

Last week, T asked “What are you doing?” This week T returned for more leg growth, and prayer to speak in tongues.

A lady in a wheelchair felt much better after prayer for healing of her hip.

Our regulars came as well.

There were a number of good conversations about God.

Even a man with the ice cream shop sign received prayer though he could speak very little English.

Equipment fine.

At the start of the session it seemed right to declare that God was going to do awesome works including healing. The new season is upon us with very exciting times ahead.

HOTS Bath Team Report, Tuesday 7th May 2019

Perfect weather but too many schoolchildren, often filling the square.

We started off very busy, even had someone waiting early on, since the team started as with only 4, but soon increased to 5.

A number of conversations. Highlights of the session were:

A asked for prayer for her mother who had married a muslim and was now lonely and depressed. A was encouraged by the prophetic words she received.

M had osteoarthritus in knees and hips, and a painful shoulder. After prayer she said she felt better.

J had a problem in her right lung. During prayer she felt the presence of Holy Spirit bringing her a sense of peace. She announced, “You have shifted something”.

M from a ‘progressive episcopalian church’ sat on a chair to receive prayer for patience for relationships. Her partner was female. During prayer she felt peace. Afterwards she commented, “I should do this every day.”

So, each person felt the peace that comes from the Prince of Peace. We prayed that He will continue to complete His work in their lives.

Dorian brought more white envelopes. No problems with any of the equipment.

HOTS Bath Team report – Tuesday 23rd April 2019

Perfect warm dry weather in the square today. Some quiet periods but the team of 6 was encouraged by the encounters we had.

As we finished praying one lady sat on a chair for prayer. Her friend sat on one of the chairs against the wall and with a bit of encouragement she changed seats and received prayer as well. S believed she was a Christian, but had never actually invited Jesus into her life. Some gentle encouragement and that is what she did!!

Her friend, A, had been brought up as Greek Orthodox and was a fully committed Christian. We prayed for healing of headache and stress symptoms.

One of our regulars came for prayer for her parents and her relationship with them. She values our prayers and guidance as she hasn’t yet settled in a church group.

One young man came for prayer over the sale and purchase of a house. He claimed he once had believed but now had doubts. He received prayer and redirection and was given a white envelope.

C came for prayer and intends to join us training on Friday.

Two elderly Australian believers stopped to chat.

Several conversations with people on the benches allowed oppurtunity to gossip the gospel.

We all felt very encouraged by the divine encounters we had had. HOTS is much more than healing people, its bringing people into an encounter with Jesus so He will meet their needs.

Trolleys tyres back at full pressure, no problems with equipment.