HOTS Bath Team Report, Thursday 14th November 2019

We stuck our necks out a bit today taking into account the gloomy weather forecast but the rain held off all morning even though it was a little gloomy. No sign of the Christmas Huts being erected as predicted so we had the square to ourselves. Very quiet initially with low footfall but generally a good shift. Here’s how it went :-

  • A came to us as we were setting up. Quite distraught over a Housing Association neighbour who she believes is a drug dealer and pimp. Reported to Police and HA but asked for prayer for peace in her heart. Grateful to hear that God knows everything about us and knows our heart before we ask for prayer. Left a little more relaxed. Will pray herself that there will be a resolution.
  • G, an anti-litter patrolman, had an inflamed elbow joint. Two team members commanded healing. After prayer, G said he had no pain but the real test is this evening. Team handed him a flyer and asked him if he could email the outcome after this evening.
  • Prayed for L who is currently recovering from Lymphoma. She was very grateful for the prayers ministered. Team member had a picture of an egg timer being turned over by God for a fresh start. Felt very blessed to receive this word.  
  • P, a Christian, asked for prayer for her first cousin, who had been severely injured in a riding accident 26 years ago. After years in a wheelchair he is semi-mobile but still in a great deal of pain. He does deliverance ministry for a RC church in Sussex but desperately needs healing himself to carry on doing God’s work.
  • P, a former member of HOTS Bath, came to us for prayer in spiritually supporting an initiative to start a young Mum’s group in her Church down in Somerset. Start date is 5th Dec. P came to us about 4-5 years ago when we consistently prayed for healing for her terminally ill husband who was never fully healed although he experienced some wonderful days of God’s presence and partial healing in the square.

HOTS Bath Team Report, Thursday 17th October 2019

Surprisingly busy even though the footfall has reduced with the visitor numbers dropping. Key encounters:-

  • S, a young man from the Cameroons, was approached by a team member. S had been in the city for only 3 weeks to study a Masters at Bath University. Wasn’t particularly confident at first but shared his faith and Church back home. When the offer of prayer came, S was reluctant to come forward but then mentioned that his “spirit was low”. He came to the chair where both team members offered encouragement and prayer. S was then signposted to relevant churches, Job Centre + and the chaplaincy team at Bath Univ. S then changed his whole persona and declared that he felt uplifted by the experience.
  • P, a member of St Lukes’s Church, came to us asking for prayer for his father-in-law who has a brain tumour. Team offered prayer and encouragement. P left feeling blessed.
  • Ms E, a believer, had come over from Bristol with her mother 2 weeks previously to receive a healing in her back (leg grew out ¾″). She made a special journey today so we could pray for an internal procedure she was having at Southmead the following day. Team members were drawn to her wonderful spirit and she left knowing that, whatever the diagnosis, God was taking her through the walk with love and peace. How special is that?
  • Ms S came to us with back and hip pain. 1″ difference in leg length. Also arms were also out by 1½”. Commanded all back and hip pain to go, both arms and legs to come into alignment. Within minutes all limbs came back to full alignment and all pain left her body. She was totally healed. Alleluliah!! 
  • Regular, J came for prayer. She had anxiety and soreness in the mouth. Said she had always been a worrier just like her father. Team broke off these words and she left in peace.   

Many other conversations with people who know we are there but are reluctant to take that step and experience His presence. We pray and reach out to those who are in turmoil and suffering and that they can be released to freedom in the coming weeks before we close for Winter.

Note on equipment:-

  • On return to base, couldn’t get in to the store room. Now full of Christmas Cards. Lisa asked me to park the sack truck (along with everything else) behind the blue screen in the meeting room next to the kitchen. Go through the same door as before, go past our storeroom, down the corridor, turn right at the end, then first on right (door unlocked).  

HOTS Bath Team Report, Thursday 3rd October 2019

We had some good encounters even though it was a chilly and overcast day with not many people about. Beforehand, we shared 1 John 3:24 “The one who keeps his commands remains in Him and He in them”. We all know this but we need to keep it in mind all the time in order to do His work as we are instructed, despite the challenges of the world. One team member shared a picture of us all passing by in the square in formation waving flags. In the midst of all this was a white horse in the centre leading us on.  

Seven on team today which was good. Our most notable encounters are provided below:-

  • Ms E (a believer) came to us with a bad back and knew that God heals. Left leg was 3/4″ shorter than right. Her leg grew out and her back pain left her. She felt movement in her body and much more relaxed. E is a nurse in a care home, perhaps a common ailment in that environment. Thank you Jesus. E has a daughter who is a Christian and works abroad. Went to a fortune teller who told her she was cursed! Team prayed against that and asked for protection.   
  • Ms P, whose son D, was not a Christian, but had kept the Bible from his bedside table. She asked the team to pray for D‘s conviction and be set free from alcohol addiction.
  • Christian couple (T and L) from Northern California came to us. T is a volunteer Chaplain at San Quentin prison, spending time with prisoners on death row. In the 25 years since he’s been there there no death sentences have been out although many had died through age related illnesses and suicide. He was able to share that many prisoners come to Christ. Prayed for continual strength to serve in a challenging environment.
  • L (T‘s wife) also received prayer and asked us to pray for Californian politicians and witchcraft (carried out near their home) so we prayed for their wellbeing and protection. They also wanted to encourage us through prayer.
  • Team Member sat on the bench and shared the vision of HOTS to a younger man who wasn’t a believer. After some time the man warmed to the Spirit and was grateful for receiving a blessing. Another seed of hope planted !! 
  • Regular B had asked a Team Member to repeat the Word that the Team Member had spoken over him 2 weeks ago. We’re getting there!!

More envelopes required.

HOTS Bath Team Report, Thursday 19th September 2019

What a glorious day on the streets today! During prayer time a team member shared his vision for today about connecting with the Father first (like wi-fi) and then connecting with people in the square. He said it would be easy and it was! Another team member shared “the joy of the Lord is our strength.” This was about sharing His joy as we go about engaging with people and it seemed to be effective breaking down worldly barriers with conviction.

  • M, a very tall young man from Brussels, complete with a bright yellow, tandem length bicycle. He had cycled from Brussels to Calais then over the channel to Dover. He’d arrived in Bath today wanting to stay but was intending to head for Fishguard then over the water to Ireland to finish up in Cork. When asked if he needed prayer he told us he wasn’t religious but was quite willing to sit on the chair. Prayed for protection, strength and perseverance. Seemed to be touched by this experience. A gentle character emerged from his thoughts. White envelope given and we explained why Jesus came into this world for us all.
  • Ms G came for prayer and asked us to pray for her family. G had many burdens and suffered from fear. Had been hurt in the past by the Church. After prayer, tears flowed and had a sense of overwhelming peace. Team member had a picture of a sceptre and a purple robe. This was shared by another team member who saw her as a daughter of the King receiving authority.
  • J, a regular, asked for prayer for a swollen ankle and waiting for a scan of her heart. Today, J was very happy and positive. Also prayed for her swollen kidneys and wanted them to be fit to do the work God created THEM to do. This was some kind of breakthrough bearing in mind how long this couple have been coming. Also prayed for relative whose daughter has cancer.
  • Ms P asked for prayer for husband who needs a new kidney. He was there but refused prayer. After receiving, she wept but then mentioned a problem with her hip!
  • B (the other half of J) came with his usual shopping list. Team member felt that he only should receive prayer. For 5 mins, he remained restful without saying a word. Shared the word for the team earlier on. Felt as though he received well.
  • J, a young man in his 40s, approached us for prayer (at the suggestion of his visiting mother). This was a big step for him as he did not have faith. J suffered particularly from pains all  over his body at different times. Shared that it was due to anxiety and stress over finance and family issues. Very good at receiving and felt completely at peace so much so that we could have left him there! Back pain went but we explained that God loved him and knew all that he was going through. White envelope given.
  • Team member spent a long time with a married couple from Kansas. Church-goers who believed in the power of healing. However, they were reluctant to sit on our chairs (for whatever reason). Bless them. 

We thank our Father for the privilege of representing Him in the world.

PS More white envelopes needed.

HOTS Bath Team Report, Thursday 11th July 2019

We’re now in the midst of graduation ceremonies in Bath Abbey, which brings quite a challenging atmosphere in the square, trying to engage with families enjoying their offspring’s success. We pray for those youngsters setting out in life in careers that will envelope their lives for the next 40+ years. We ask for protection and peace wherever they are going and, for those who do not know you Father, give them the opportunity to open their hearts to receive the abundance of life to fulfill the plan that you have for them.

The morning didn’t get off to a good start. Tried to claim a bit of our patch to set up and, forgetting that I had already released the strap, the chairs fell forward to only narrowly miss the toes of one proud Mum’s. Got swore at but I forgive her. A little tough going for all of us. Many people not giving us eye contact but there were some notable healings especially where people came to us :-

  • P, a man in his 40-50s from Midsomer Norton, came to us before we started. P’s mental health is not where it should be. Clearly very upset at losing his mum & grandmother some years ago. Lives in a care home. Tears flowed once we started praying. Reminded him that, although he misses those that had been close to him, God is with him at all times and that He loves him and that He protects him in his struggles. Went away more peaceful and directed him to base.
  • M, a c.45 year-old Mexican born American, was sent by his wife to receive healing. Although reluctant at first, he shared the fact that he’d suffered back pain and stress and was aware that something had happened to him in early childhood. Had studied many religions but was interested in Christianity. Asked questions about the healing ministry. Pain level was 4-5. One leg was 3/4″ shorter than the other. Leg grew out during prayer where team commanded trauma to leave the body. Eyes filled up and showed emotion. Stood up, pain completely went, but told the team that it could come back when stress levels increased ! “We say No to that!” He thanked the two Team Members for what they do on the streets acknowledging that our belief is at the core of why we do it.  Another Team Member, unwittingly, spoke to M’s wife standing away from the chairs and shared healing testimonies of Jesus through us. 
  • B, a ‘regular’, received impartation to go out and heal people he knew in his town. B publicly commanded healing to 2 people that were on his heart.
  • L, a woman in her 50s, came to the chair just as we were praying at half time for more opportunities. She’d been given a leaflet earlier on. Carer for her parents, but found it difficult to cope especially with a controlling father. She asked for peace and wisdom. Told us that she prays regularly but hadn’t accepted Jesus into her life. No sign of presence during prayer, but gratefully accepted the white envelope and team suggested reading the Why Jesus booklet.

News updates :

  • L, the ex homeless man, is happy living in his flat, but still on the streets to raise money to pay for rent & food. Still challenging for him, but had received his first Housing Benefit cheque. Still waiting for his CIS card to come through but, once received, can start work straight away. We thank you Father that You have lifted this man from desperation to hope.

Thinking about it, not such a bad shift after all!!
Bless you all, Steve

HOTS Bath Team Report – Tuesday 9th April 2019

Hi Folks, just a few short lines from today. Risked a day of rain with bouts of shelter & hot coffee under the canopy!! Low on encounters with people ‘hiding’ under umbrellas. These were the exceptions :-

  • L, homeless for 1 year, had had a marriage break up, lost his job, his flat and in debt. Offer of prayer was rejected but had a Bible on board and was happy praying alone. However, later on, second team member declared hope over his life which he happily received.
  • Another team member offered prayer to a man with one crutch. Again, man declined, but a second attempt proved rewarding. 
  • Another team member offered prayer to a lady who was reluctant to sit on the seat but ended up praying a blessing over her life. Well done to those hotties who demonstrated resilience and perseverance in their line of duty.
  • A mother and daughter (both Christians) both accepted an invitation for prayer to see what the Holy Spirit was saying. Mother had lost her mother at birth but heard a voice when she was 8 years old who said “I will look after you”. Prayed for unity in daughter’s family. All 5 daughters and their husbands were Christians. Wow !!
  • S, one of the vicars at Bath Abbey, had been observing us from his office. Wanted to practice his new found skills in photography so we ended up ‘posing’. You never know we might be in the Anglican Church Times next week !   

Despite the weather and a shortage of encounters, our presence in the square honours the One who created us.

Just a note about the kit. Tyres on the sack trucks are a little flat so, if anyone can lay their hands on a bicycle pump, that would be great.

God Bless you all, Steve.