HOTS Bath Team Report, Thursday 14th November 2019

We stuck our necks out a bit today taking into account the gloomy weather forecast but the rain held off all morning even though it was a little gloomy. No sign of the Christmas Huts being erected as predicted so we had the square to ourselves. Very quiet initially with low footfall but generally a good shift. Here’s how it went :-

  • A came to us as we were setting up. Quite distraught over a Housing Association neighbour who she believes is a drug dealer and pimp. Reported to Police and HA but asked for prayer for peace in her heart. Grateful to hear that God knows everything about us and knows our heart before we ask for prayer. Left a little more relaxed. Will pray herself that there will be a resolution.
  • G, an anti-litter patrolman, had an inflamed elbow joint. Two team members commanded healing. After prayer, G said he had no pain but the real test is this evening. Team handed him a flyer and asked him if he could email the outcome after this evening.
  • Prayed for L who is currently recovering from Lymphoma. She was very grateful for the prayers ministered. Team member had a picture of an egg timer being turned over by God for a fresh start. Felt very blessed to receive this word.  
  • P, a Christian, asked for prayer for her first cousin, who had been severely injured in a riding accident 26 years ago. After years in a wheelchair he is semi-mobile but still in a great deal of pain. He does deliverance ministry for a RC church in Sussex but desperately needs healing himself to carry on doing God’s work.
  • P, a former member of HOTS Bath, came to us for prayer in spiritually supporting an initiative to start a young Mum’s group in her Church down in Somerset. Start date is 5th Dec. P came to us about 4-5 years ago when we consistently prayed for healing for her terminally ill husband who was never fully healed although he experienced some wonderful days of God’s presence and partial healing in the square.