HOTS Bath Team Report, Thursday 3rd October 2019

We had some good encounters even though it was a chilly and overcast day with not many people about. Beforehand, we shared 1 John 3:24 “The one who keeps his commands remains in Him and He in them”. We all know this but we need to keep it in mind all the time in order to do His work as we are instructed, despite the challenges of the world. One team member shared a picture of us all passing by in the square in formation waving flags. In the midst of all this was a white horse in the centre leading us on.  

Seven on team today which was good. Our most notable encounters are provided below:-

  • Ms E (a believer) came to us with a bad back and knew that God heals. Left leg was 3/4″ shorter than right. Her leg grew out and her back pain left her. She felt movement in her body and much more relaxed. E is a nurse in a care home, perhaps a common ailment in that environment. Thank you Jesus. E has a daughter who is a Christian and works abroad. Went to a fortune teller who told her she was cursed! Team prayed against that and asked for protection.   
  • Ms P, whose son D, was not a Christian, but had kept the Bible from his bedside table. She asked the team to pray for D‘s conviction and be set free from alcohol addiction.
  • Christian couple (T and L) from Northern California came to us. T is a volunteer Chaplain at San Quentin prison, spending time with prisoners on death row. In the 25 years since he’s been there there no death sentences have been out although many had died through age related illnesses and suicide. He was able to share that many prisoners come to Christ. Prayed for continual strength to serve in a challenging environment.
  • L (T‘s wife) also received prayer and asked us to pray for Californian politicians and witchcraft (carried out near their home) so we prayed for their wellbeing and protection. They also wanted to encourage us through prayer.
  • Team Member sat on the bench and shared the vision of HOTS to a younger man who wasn’t a believer. After some time the man warmed to the Spirit and was grateful for receiving a blessing. Another seed of hope planted !! 
  • Regular B had asked a Team Member to repeat the Word that the Team Member had spoken over him 2 weeks ago. We’re getting there!!

More envelopes required.