HOTS Bath Team Report, Thursday 11th July 2019

We’re now in the midst of graduation ceremonies in Bath Abbey, which brings quite a challenging atmosphere in the square, trying to engage with families enjoying their offspring’s success. We pray for those youngsters setting out in life in careers that will envelope their lives for the next 40+ years. We ask for protection and peace wherever they are going and, for those who do not know you Father, give them the opportunity to open their hearts to receive the abundance of life to fulfill the plan that you have for them.

The morning didn’t get off to a good start. Tried to claim a bit of our patch to set up and, forgetting that I had already released the strap, the chairs fell forward to only narrowly miss the toes of one proud Mum’s. Got swore at but I forgive her. A little tough going for all of us. Many people not giving us eye contact but there were some notable healings especially where people came to us :-

  • P, a man in his 40-50s from Midsomer Norton, came to us before we started. P’s mental health is not where it should be. Clearly very upset at losing his mum & grandmother some years ago. Lives in a care home. Tears flowed once we started praying. Reminded him that, although he misses those that had been close to him, God is with him at all times and that He loves him and that He protects him in his struggles. Went away more peaceful and directed him to base.
  • M, a c.45 year-old Mexican born American, was sent by his wife to receive healing. Although reluctant at first, he shared the fact that he’d suffered back pain and stress and was aware that something had happened to him in early childhood. Had studied many religions but was interested in Christianity. Asked questions about the healing ministry. Pain level was 4-5. One leg was 3/4″ shorter than the other. Leg grew out during prayer where team commanded trauma to leave the body. Eyes filled up and showed emotion. Stood up, pain completely went, but told the team that it could come back when stress levels increased ! “We say No to that!” He thanked the two Team Members for what they do on the streets acknowledging that our belief is at the core of why we do it.  Another Team Member, unwittingly, spoke to M’s wife standing away from the chairs and shared healing testimonies of Jesus through us. 
  • B, a ‘regular’, received impartation to go out and heal people he knew in his town. B publicly commanded healing to 2 people that were on his heart.
  • L, a woman in her 50s, came to the chair just as we were praying at half time for more opportunities. She’d been given a leaflet earlier on. Carer for her parents, but found it difficult to cope especially with a controlling father. She asked for peace and wisdom. Told us that she prays regularly but hadn’t accepted Jesus into her life. No sign of presence during prayer, but gratefully accepted the white envelope and team suggested reading the Why Jesus booklet.

News updates :

  • L, the ex homeless man, is happy living in his flat, but still on the streets to raise money to pay for rent & food. Still challenging for him, but had received his first Housing Benefit cheque. Still waiting for his CIS card to come through but, once received, can start work straight away. We thank you Father that You have lifted this man from desperation to hope.

Thinking about it, not such a bad shift after all!!
Bless you all, Steve