HOTS Bath Team Report, Thursday 17th October 2019

Surprisingly busy even though the footfall has reduced with the visitor numbers dropping. Key encounters:-

  • S, a young man from the Cameroons, was approached by a team member. S had been in the city for only 3 weeks to study a Masters at Bath University. Wasn’t particularly confident at first but shared his faith and Church back home. When the offer of prayer came, S was reluctant to come forward but then mentioned that his “spirit was low”. He came to the chair where both team members offered encouragement and prayer. S was then signposted to relevant churches, Job Centre + and the chaplaincy team at Bath Univ. S then changed his whole persona and declared that he felt uplifted by the experience.
  • P, a member of St Lukes’s Church, came to us asking for prayer for his father-in-law who has a brain tumour. Team offered prayer and encouragement. P left feeling blessed.
  • Ms E, a believer, had come over from Bristol with her mother 2 weeks previously to receive a healing in her back (leg grew out ¾″). She made a special journey today so we could pray for an internal procedure she was having at Southmead the following day. Team members were drawn to her wonderful spirit and she left knowing that, whatever the diagnosis, God was taking her through the walk with love and peace. How special is that?
  • Ms S came to us with back and hip pain. 1″ difference in leg length. Also arms were also out by 1½”. Commanded all back and hip pain to go, both arms and legs to come into alignment. Within minutes all limbs came back to full alignment and all pain left her body. She was totally healed. Alleluliah!! 
  • Regular, J came for prayer. She had anxiety and soreness in the mouth. Said she had always been a worrier just like her father. Team broke off these words and she left in peace.   

Many other conversations with people who know we are there but are reluctant to take that step and experience His presence. We pray and reach out to those who are in turmoil and suffering and that they can be released to freedom in the coming weeks before we close for Winter.

Note on equipment:-

  • On return to base, couldn’t get in to the store room. Now full of Christmas Cards. Lisa asked me to park the sack truck (along with everything else) behind the blue screen in the meeting room next to the kitchen. Go through the same door as before, go past our storeroom, down the corridor, turn right at the end, then first on right (door unlocked).