HOTS Bath Team Report, Thursday 19th September 2019

What a glorious day on the streets today! During prayer time a team member shared his vision for today about connecting with the Father first (like wi-fi) and then connecting with people in the square. He said it would be easy and it was! Another team member shared “the joy of the Lord is our strength.” This was about sharing His joy as we go about engaging with people and it seemed to be effective breaking down worldly barriers with conviction.

  • M, a very tall young man from Brussels, complete with a bright yellow, tandem length bicycle. He had cycled from Brussels to Calais then over the channel to Dover. He’d arrived in Bath today wanting to stay but was intending to head for Fishguard then over the water to Ireland to finish up in Cork. When asked if he needed prayer he told us he wasn’t religious but was quite willing to sit on the chair. Prayed for protection, strength and perseverance. Seemed to be touched by this experience. A gentle character emerged from his thoughts. White envelope given and we explained why Jesus came into this world for us all.
  • Ms G came for prayer and asked us to pray for her family. G had many burdens and suffered from fear. Had been hurt in the past by the Church. After prayer, tears flowed and had a sense of overwhelming peace. Team member had a picture of a sceptre and a purple robe. This was shared by another team member who saw her as a daughter of the King receiving authority.
  • J, a regular, asked for prayer for a swollen ankle and waiting for a scan of her heart. Today, J was very happy and positive. Also prayed for her swollen kidneys and wanted them to be fit to do the work God created THEM to do. This was some kind of breakthrough bearing in mind how long this couple have been coming. Also prayed for relative whose daughter has cancer.
  • Ms P asked for prayer for husband who needs a new kidney. He was there but refused prayer. After receiving, she wept but then mentioned a problem with her hip!
  • B (the other half of J) came with his usual shopping list. Team member felt that he only should receive prayer. For 5 mins, he remained restful without saying a word. Shared the word for the team earlier on. Felt as though he received well.
  • J, a young man in his 40s, approached us for prayer (at the suggestion of his visiting mother). This was a big step for him as he did not have faith. J suffered particularly from pains all  over his body at different times. Shared that it was due to anxiety and stress over finance and family issues. Very good at receiving and felt completely at peace so much so that we could have left him there! Back pain went but we explained that God loved him and knew all that he was going through. White envelope given.
  • Team member spent a long time with a married couple from Kansas. Church-goers who believed in the power of healing. However, they were reluctant to sit on our chairs (for whatever reason). Bless them. 

We thank our Father for the privilege of representing Him in the world.

PS More white envelopes needed.