HOTS Bath Team Report, Thursday 22nd August 2019

Thursday 22nd was a relatively quiet day despite heaps of tourists passing through. The few tourists that were spoken to were blessed in God’s name……

We can all see the need for our presence in the Abbey Courtyard as there are so many who find the skeleton on the bicycle of far greater interest than listening to God’s word!

  • Mr B, ‘Old faithful one’ came for his usual prayers. A more positive outlook on his marriage.  This is undoubtedly owing to the very many times that he and his wife have been prayed for by the HOTS team over the years. Even if it was for this one brother in Christ, our presence in the Abbey Courtyard is worth it.
  • Ms J, wife of ‘Old faithful one’ also sat for prayers. Once again, our presence over the years has been powerful in her life as we can all testify (those who have prayed for her over the years). On this occasion, prayers were asked for forgiveness for her daughter with whom she has had many issues over the years. Also prayers for a heart murmur for which she will have a scan in the very near future, all of which adds to her worries. We wait to hear of the outcome but we are confident that it will be positive!
  • Ms M asked for prayers. She was feeling anxious. She felt peace and was very grateful.
  • Ms J asked for prophecy/direction in her life. From Liverpool, she talked about the city with team member D and asked if he had lived near “Hope Street” in the city 60 years ago. She was given a prophesy by M but D just told her “you have already given your own prophetic encouragement:  Hope Street!”.  Deeply touched by God’s presence..
  • Ms A needed encouragement for course she’s on. She is making small steps of progress. 
  • Mr. M had ongoing problems with knee. Leg length compared. After prayers legs came into alignment but only after one had gone past the other! 
  • Mr J also ask for prayers for his back. Once again leg length compared and after prayers legs came into alignment.