HOTS Bath Team Report, Thursday 30th May 2019

One of those days on the square when there are lots of tourists but not many willing to stop! Even so there were some good conversations and a few people prayed for.

A young woman who looked like a stroke victim said it was too late for prayer for what had happened to her. She was happy to receive a prayer of blessing and was very thankful.

A young couple engaged in a long conversation and he said he believed in many ‘gods’. A team member talked about Jesus being God and the only one able to forgive sin. They received prayer and he was visibly touched by God’s presence. Seeds sown.

A man from Australia was concerned about his wife back in Australia who is having tests for cancer. The team spoke healing for her and prayed for him.

L came for prayer saying God told her to come after she found us on the Internet. She had been attacked some years ago and was in pain from her back and emotional trauma. She said only one person in the medical profession seemed to understand the problem. The team broke the trauma. They then talked about forgiveness and she said she had been trying to do that but found it hard. After praying it through together she said said she felt as if she couldn’t swallow but then it was clear. She then said she felt so much lighter and it was visible in her face. She was so thankful and delighted when told she could come back any time. A real God appointment.

So, as we keep saying, worth it for the one!

PS – Only three white envelopes left.