HOTS Bath Team Report, Thursday 4th September 2019

We had 4 people on team: Lynne from Sherborne and Mike came to join Ed and myself. 

We started off praying for Mike, arthritic knee and foot pain. 

P who Ed has spoken to on the benches actually came for prayer. He was feeling down but physically ok. We felt that was a real step forward.

E, wanted prayer for her health, her son and granddaughter. She was very grateful for the prayer, was deeply touched and went off smiling and peaceful.

M came to the chairs, wanted freedom from wrong thoughts. Received blessing, healing, wholeness. He is a Christian, blessed by our blessing.

A came to say she had spoken to her mum and God had answered her prayer. She still comes each week for prayer and we love meeting with her.

Mike went and sat near P, formerly homeless, who ended up pouring out his story. They got on really well and will probably chat again.

It was a fairly busy morning, great to get together again, dry weather. Just love to be out there!