HOTS Bath Team Report, Tuesday 10th September 2019

A lovely warm, peaceful day with a team of 5 plus one shadowing.

At least one chair was occupied almost all the session with a steady stream of customers.


S had mild odeama (swollen legs) and a long list of medical ailments including depression through his life. We declared healing throughout his body and then realised he walked with a limp. Yes, we could see a difference in leg length of 1/2″. No sign of movement when we commanded. Then suddenly he moved  one foot and brought the heels perfectly together. Something was different he said, but was still limping as he walked away. 

A Christian lady, K, was limping due to 2 perished cartilages in her knee, so sightseeing was a painful business. She felt peace as the team commanded healing. She was really encouraged by the prophetic words she then received.

A young man, A, seemed to be repeatedly glancing at us, and came to the chair when prayer was offered. He was from a broken family, now in a hostel run by Christians, considered himself a Christian. We ministered the Father’s love to him and could see tears in his eyes. He was happy to pray a prayer of commitment and was so blessed and encouraged. He was given a white envelope. Had this been the only encounter it would have been worth our time!

The team continued the ongoing ministry to the regulars, to each other, and other conversations were seeds planted that Father will use.

Such an encouraging session!

Equipment fine but more white envelopes are needed.