HOTS Bath Team Report, Tuesday 13th August 2019

A lovely warm day and the square empty of buskers for most of the morning due to filming in an adjacent road.

Ara arrived first and had ministered to our first client even before we arrived. T had been prayed before, for his painful back. This time he felt movement in both legs and felt better. He is gradually developing a deeper relationship with Jesus. T is training in the Anglican ministry. He received  impartation and prophetic words and pictures from the team and was very encouraged.

M came to receive prayer and told how he had been one of the first Bath HOTS teams. He stayed with us and worked with the team for the rest of the session. M had eye problems with every kind of artificial light, including computers. This gave him extreme headaches (which was one of the words of knowledge given during team prayers). He wasn’t a Christian, but did believe in a God and was desperate enough to ask for prayer. We gave him a white envelope.

A asked for her weekly prayer encouragement. A number of good conversations were had; R, an atheist, was happy to talk and hear that God created for a purpose and loved him.

P, a long term believer, disillusioned with Church, but enjoys talking about His Loving Father.

A family (muslim) from Kuala Lumpar stopped and talked. The women were in hijab. Ara had been told before by muslims that Jesus is mentioned as a healer and miracle worker in their beliefs. This family were happy to hear about Jesus healing. Seeds sown.

Of course, we also prayed for team members, with low level pain in wrist and shoulders driven out.

Another wonderful day of seeing God meet peoples needs. We are so blessed that He chooses to partner with us.