HOTS Bath Team Report, Tuesday 16th July 2019

What a wonderful day it was today! The weather was perfect, perhaps a touch too warm, but our Daddy was out in force with the 5 of us and that was why we were ‘a touch too warm’!  It’s so uplifting to know that He is so happy to allow us, nay to encourage and direct us, to co-work with him 😊.

Before I even reached the Abbey Courtyard, a lady with a bad right shoulder was happy to receive prayers in St Michael’s as I was getting out the equipment. A very good pointer for our current proposal, which already has St Michael’s blessings, to set up a weekly Healing/HOTS day during winter months in St Michaels when we close down during the months of November to March. Needless to say she was very happy to have been prayed for.

From the moment we had set up the chairs and prayed for the Holy Spirit to sweep the Abbey Courtyard clean of any unclean spirits, the praying started. At first it was for people either standing up or sitting on the courtyard benches but later on several came and sat on the chairs for prayers.  Below is a summary of what transpired….

  • Just as we had finished putting up the Healing banner, Ms R stopped to thank us for our prayers of two weeks previous when she had asked for urgent prayers for her daughter-in-law who was in the RUH maternity wing experiencing difficulties delivering her first baby.  The baby boy called ‘Bill’ was born without mishap and mother and son are doing well. What a great start. Another miracle enters our beautiful world.
  • Ms L, from Melbourne, Oz, stopped to give us encouragement for our HOTS ministry.  She had been visiting Bath for 8 days, went into the Abbey to pray and had found herself crying.  Team member shared with her how others had had exactly the same experience over recent months.
  • Ms V, a Christian from Perth, Oz, about 80 years old but happy travelling alone wherever she felt the Lord was directing her, stopped for prayer. She had a bad tummy, looked weak.  After prayers she felt much stronger. One of our team members gave her words: ‘lioness’ and ‘trumpet’, which accorded with words she had had back home in Perth.  She then prayed for the team members involved.
  • Mr J from Bath was sitting on one of the benches. He was a retired bus and heavy goods vehicle driver. After long discussions about many local issues, the team member involved told him that Jesus loved him very much. He was very happy to accept the news with a big smile on his face.
  • Big party from Israel. A team member engaged with one of the ladies and welcomed them all to Bath.  She was touched especially when given God’s blessings. She blew us a kiss as she walked away.
  • A couple from the Middle-East was engaged by a team member.  They were surprised to hear Arabic greetings from one of the team members. Once again, God’s blessings were given to them and they left with huge smiles on their faces.
  • Ms A sat on the chair for prayer. She had many health issues including knee pain. Left leg was half an inch shorter than right leg. As seen before by HOTS team members on many occasions, the right leg shot past the left leg which as we know too well, did not hesitate to catch up! She was very grateful for prayers especially for peace which she needed. She was given a white envelope which she gladly accepted.
  • A different Ms A came with a walking stick. She asked for, and naturally received, prayers for peace as she had difficult neighbours. Team members prayed for the misalignment of her legs which grew out about half an inch.  Her shoulders were also out of alignment, the left shoulder leaning towards the right hand one. She was asked to hold out her hands and as the team members prayed for her, the two hands came into alignment and with it the shoulders as well.
  • Mr T and boys, Christians with a strong faith, were from Glasgow.  They wanted to reach out to people the way the team was doing today.  They were told about Mark Marx, HOTS, etc.  They were happy to be blessed by the team.
  • Mr P and wife M from Wales were on a day trip.  P was in a mobility chair/scooter.  After long conversations about sport and trying to solve his riddles during the last ten minutes of our time, it turned out that he had a very deep faith.  He was very happy to receive prayers for healing of his many issues (severe back injuries had led to him being in the wheelchair, plus Type 1 Diabetes, which had led to loss of sight in one eye) P & M held each other’s hands and closed their eyes and went into ‘peace’ mode. This was a beautiful surprise for the team as his wife had initially tried to move him on after the first minute, and tried to stop his stories after the tenth!!!  Thank you Holy Spirit for intervening and allowing the team to minister to them.  They were given a HOTS flyer and asked to contact our website for feedback when they see changes after they had got home.

So there we are brothers and sisters. Even though we may only be going out once a week, the lives we are touching are all precious to God. He honours our commitment and love as we reach out to lost and hurting souls, and as we know, there is no shortage of such souls that come into the Abbey Courtyard week in, week out, nay day in day out. What encouragement!

Blessings from Him who is our Lord, Saviour, Rock, Friend, and I could go on and on. 

PS -Equipment fine!