HOTS Bath Team Report, Tuesday 22nd October 2019

A very encouraging session on the Square. Warm and dry and an atmosphere of peace, even the buskers were quiet.

Key encounters:

  • An oriental lady, S, had only “2 minutes”, asked for prayer for her aching shoulders. She felt warmth when hands were laid on her shoulders, left in a rush, but very grateful.
  • One of our regulars needed prayer for healing of pain in her left eye and for favour for her interview for P.I.P. (this will decide what financial support she will get).
  • A was a believer who had serious problems with her neighbours. She was finding great difficulty in forgiving them. We prayed for peace for her and the situation and guided her into agreeing forgiveness for them. She insisted that we didn’t lay hands on her (I wish all the church had such faith in the laying on of hands).
  • One of our team noticed a man sat by himself and thought to himself, “If he doesn’t move in a couple of minutes, I’ll go and talk to him.” Looking back, he was gone from the bench, but here he was sitting on the seat for prayer! Sometimes we don’t recognise the nudge of the Holy Spirit.
  • M had suffered for years with an eye condition that prevented him looking at TV screens, He had received prayer from us before, resulting in some improvement. This time we also prayed and gave prophetic words for his family. He then soaked in our declarations of Fathers love for him.
  • P stopped for prayer for eyesight and knees. Also, ½” difference in leg length was corrected straight away.
  • J from USA “very much appreciated” the prayers he received and left with a huge smile on his face.
  • A team member was drawn to J, a lady sat on the Pump Room steps with her head in her hands. J received prayer and then poured out her traumatic history. She was impacted by Jesus being called The Prince of Peace, something she hadn’t experienced in her household, and eagerly accepted a Why Jesus booklet.
  • An elderly couple asked for prayer for their son G, who is blind and now losing his hearing. We are so blessed that we can be a presence in the Name of Jesus to offer prayers of hope to those who haven’t given up on their God, at such times of extreme anguish.

Equipment fine, only one white envelope in blue bag, but a number of Why Jesus booklets.