HOTS Bath Team Report, Tuesday 27th August 2019

The rain just about stayed away for the morning. There were just 4 of us today but we all had a good morning!

C, who has been several times before, came at 11am, wasn’t intending to, but received prayer for peace, family. She was also looking for a lively church. She was given an envelope. She then said she would love to do what we’re doing, so stayed and shadowed.

R, a Christian, came feeling anxious. Son getting married on Saturday. Says she will now tell anxiety to go!

CJ (aka M) returned for more prayer, blessing in his life. His son had been prayed for re epilepsy and is much improved.

Y wanted prayer for son’s wedding coming up soon. Team member C had sense of a big fishing net the Lord is using to bring in the harvest. Prayed for B, conducting the marriage. C saw lot of ‘bling’ from Y – diamonds shining.

J returned, more prayer for loss of sight in one eye and skin condition.

A came, just as we were packing. Making progress on course, seemed happy.