HOTS Bath Team Report – Tuesday 2nd April 2019

Early in the morning prior to catching the bus into town, Ara asked Daddy for a picture or word for the team. He immediately said “You are my temple”.

Then, when we arrived at Abbey Courtyard, our young and new believer friend Anna was waiting. She told us that she had started to read the New Testament but couldn’t remember what she had read. I told her that the best verse to remember was John 3.16. At this point, Dorian pointed out that there were several ‘3:16s’ and recited 1 Corinthians 3:16.

Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God has made His home in you?”

Up to that moment, I had not shared the word that Daddy had given me earlier that morning with anyone! Isn’t He WONDERFUL!!

Next, we spoke to members of a HOTS team from Fleetwood (near Blackpool) who were visiting.

Pat and Bob spoke to a French couple. Whilst Bob spoke to the man Pat was able to speak about the gospel of Jesus to the woman.

Dorian’s son Joel walked through the square and accepted a quick prayer from Dorian and Ara.

A girl, M, walked through with her left leg in a brace.  She and her grandparents seemed to be believers.  M had had an operation on her right knee before because she had been born with small, thin, knee-caps that allowed the knee to go out of joint very easily. Maureen and Dorian prayed for her knee, no immediate result but we hope to see her again. Maureen reports: “I guess I should mention that my knee is now pain free!”

Dorian asked for prayers for his on-going sciatica pain and he (was) pleased to report that it’s almost gone – however, writing on 13th April, sciatica has come back now, please pray for me on Monday!!