HOTS Bath Team Report, Tuesday 2nd July 2019

A lovely warm day, and a peaceful atmosphere in the square.

Our team of 6 were kept busy for most of the morning, the first client arriving before the team had assembled.


P and his wife R were well known to one of the team. P had suffered from ME, particularly attacking the brain and nervous system, for more than 25 years. Now he was experiencing early onset dementia. Following prayer, we felt the years of decline were halted, to be followed by years of ascent. P was encouraged to take up the guitar and worship again. Prophetic pictures were described to both of them. Both P and R were very encouraged.

Mr K originally came from Iraq. He was aged 80 years, with a lot of pain in his legs, hips and both eyes. His left leg grew over an inch when commanded. Although he still felt pain, he recalled his youth in Christian schools and was happy to receive a white envelope. We prayed that he would share the event with his muslim friends.

A Christian lady whose daughter (M) is at work in a hotel in Ibiza, said that rival biker gangs were threatening trouble in the hotel. The team prayed for protection and one saw Jesus holding an umbrella of protection over M. The mother went away peaceful and blessed. She returned sometime later to say that God had kept her daughter safe during the trouble.

Apart from the regulars, Papa always sends someone along to encourage us. Today’s encouragers were P and A from Weston All Saints.

Whenever it was quiet we used the opportunity to minister to one of the team, and those prayers and prophetic words demonstrated that we each had significant needs, that Papa was dealing with, not ignoring. He is so good.

Equipment fine, more white envelopes supplied.