HOTS Bath Team Report, Tuesday 5th November 2019

A cloudy, chilly autumn day. The square was peaceful, with few people passing through and not many sitting on the benches. So, we had time to pray for the needs of team members, see one leg grow and prophetic words were well received.

  • S, from Romania, selling the Big Issue, was encouraged by the team and interested enough to receive a Why Jesus
  • A still finds life very difficult. She returns each week for prayer which encourages her.
  • B, came for a spiritual top up and received prophetic words as well.
  • J, just happened to be passing through the square and was very encouraged to receive prayer.
  • A curate stopped on her way into the Abbey to encourage us. So good to have that support.
  • A conversation with a young Christian chilling out on a bench during his lunch, turned into prayer and prophecy that may change his life.

As with every session on the square, the excitement is that we have little idea what God will do with the seeds we plant. We simply know it will be more than we are aware of.