HOTS Bath Team Report, Tuesday 7th May 2019


Just chatting to I, leaning against the wall, did he need prayer for his family? He suddenly opened up, revealing he was grieving over his brother, seemingly on the brink of death. He was surprised to hear the prayer and the blessing for him and was open to hear the gospel.

A had experience 7 years of grief over an acrimonious divorce. She awoke this morning feeling she had to come to Bath. Not knowing about HOTS, she saw the flag and came to the chairs. With her, she brought photos which she intended to tear up and dump, to erase what her husband had done to her. After prayer, on the teams advice, she binned the photos and went away totally changed.

C and her daughter were seated on one of the benches. After received one of our fliers they came for prayer. C‘s sister had died on Sunday. She welcomed the assurance that it was ok to grieve, and received peace and comfort from the team.

B came for a blessing and healing from a cold. She received peace and prophetic words about the dreams she had for her life.

B had back pain; one leg grew a bit too much, so the other leg grew out to match it.

Last week, T asked “What are you doing?” This week T returned for more leg growth, and prayer to speak in tongues.

A lady in a wheelchair felt much better after prayer for healing of her hip.

Our regulars came as well.

There were a number of good conversations about God.

Even a man with the ice cream shop sign received prayer though he could speak very little English.

Equipment fine.

At the start of the session it seemed right to declare that God was going to do awesome works including healing. The new season is upon us with very exciting times ahead.