HOTS Bath Team Report, Tuesday 7th May 2019

Perfect weather but too many schoolchildren, often filling the square.

We started off very busy, even had someone waiting early on, since the team started as with only 4, but soon increased to 5.

A number of conversations. Highlights of the session were:

A asked for prayer for her mother who had married a muslim and was now lonely and depressed. A was encouraged by the prophetic words she received.

M had osteoarthritus in knees and hips, and a painful shoulder. After prayer she said she felt better.

J had a problem in her right lung. During prayer she felt the presence of Holy Spirit bringing her a sense of peace. She announced, “You have shifted something”.

M from a ‘progressive episcopalian church’ sat on a chair to receive prayer for patience for relationships. Her partner was female. During prayer she felt peace. Afterwards she commented, “I should do this every day.”

So, each person felt the peace that comes from the Prince of Peace. We prayed that He will continue to complete His work in their lives.

Dorian brought more white envelopes. No problems with any of the equipment.