HOTS Bath Team Report – Tuesday 9th April 2019

Hi Folks, just a few short lines from today. Risked a day of rain with bouts of shelter & hot coffee under the canopy!! Low on encounters with people ‘hiding’ under umbrellas. These were the exceptions :-

  • L, homeless for 1 year, had had a marriage break up, lost his job, his flat and in debt. Offer of prayer was rejected but had a Bible on board and was happy praying alone. However, later on, second team member declared hope over his life which he happily received.
  • Another team member offered prayer to a man with one crutch. Again, man declined, but a second attempt proved rewarding. 
  • Another team member offered prayer to a lady who was reluctant to sit on the seat but ended up praying a blessing over her life. Well done to those hotties who demonstrated resilience and perseverance in their line of duty.
  • A mother and daughter (both Christians) both accepted an invitation for prayer to see what the Holy Spirit was saying. Mother had lost her mother at birth but heard a voice when she was 8 years old who said “I will look after you”. Prayed for unity in daughter’s family. All 5 daughters and their husbands were Christians. Wow !!
  • S, one of the vicars at Bath Abbey, had been observing us from his office. Wanted to practice his new found skills in photography so we ended up ‘posing’. You never know we might be in the Anglican Church Times next week !   

Despite the weather and a shortage of encounters, our presence in the square honours the One who created us.

Just a note about the kit. Tyres on the sack trucks are a little flat so, if anyone can lay their hands on a bicycle pump, that would be great.

God Bless you all, Steve.