HOTS Bath Team report – Tuesday 23rd April 2019

Perfect warm dry weather in the square today. Some quiet periods but the team of 6 was encouraged by the encounters we had.

As we finished praying one lady sat on a chair for prayer. Her friend sat on one of the chairs against the wall and with a bit of encouragement she changed seats and received prayer as well. S believed she was a Christian, but had never actually invited Jesus into her life. Some gentle encouragement and that is what she did!!

Her friend, A, had been brought up as Greek Orthodox and was a fully committed Christian. We prayed for healing of headache and stress symptoms.

One of our regulars came for prayer for her parents and her relationship with them. She values our prayers and guidance as she hasn’t yet settled in a church group.

One young man came for prayer over the sale and purchase of a house. He claimed he once had believed but now had doubts. He received prayer and redirection and was given a white envelope.

C came for prayer and intends to join us training on Friday.

Two elderly Australian believers stopped to chat.

Several conversations with people on the benches allowed oppurtunity to gossip the gospel.

We all felt very encouraged by the divine encounters we had had. HOTS is much more than healing people, its bringing people into an encounter with Jesus so He will meet their needs.

Trolleys tyres back at full pressure, no problems with equipment.