This page provides details of healing stories and medical reports.

The Bible tells us, in Matthew 8:17 (NIV) that Jesus “took up our infirmities and carried our diseases”. This statement is referring to our physical healing!

Here is a quote from the Bible, Luke 13:11-12 (MSG), where a medically trained and experienced doctor named Luke gives an account of Jesus in action:

“There was a woman present, so twisted and bent over with arthritis that she couldn’t even look up. She had been afflicted with this for eighteen years. …. He laid hands on her and suddenly she was standing straight and tall…”. wrtten by Luke, a Doctor of medicine, Luke 13:11-12 (MSG)

Here are some details about healing miracles provided by modern day medically trained and experienced doctors.

For a medical report on how prayer has affected heart disease, please click here.

How a doctor investigated the medical facts of ten healing miracles, please click here.

Here are some instances where people have provided details about their own experiences.

Please click here for the story of a lady who was registered ‘disabled’ with a permanent Disability Living Allowance (DLA) but who, after receiving prayer, was healed to the extent that she cancelled her DLA. To see some of this lady’s documentation, please click here.

Please click here to watch a YouTube clip where a lady with a bad back receives healing prayer by the HOTS Bath team outside Bath Abbey.

Please click here to hear a BBC Radio 2 interview where Jeremy Vine interviews a man about his release from brain tumours.

For the past few years we’ve been outside the Abbey each week (on a Tuesday or a Thursday). Here is a selection of what has been happening outside the Abbey:

A café owner was prayed for, he is now pain free!

A female singer with bronchial problems was prayed for, the pain went and her breathing was easier.

A non-Christian woman felt the presence of God, she said she felt better “mellow”.

An Icelandic woman grieving for her father said, “That’s the best thing that has happened to me all day.”

A lady came from Bradley Stoke, she found us on the Internet. A car accident five years ago had left her with a pain level of 7. After prayer, the pain went.

A new age ‘seeker’ received prayer and felt full of peace. He left saying, “It’s awesome what you are doing here.”

A lady was given prophetic words about dancing and going on retreat. She was a professional dancer and had arranged to go on retreat two weeks later! She was blessed and felt peaceful.

After two years of banter and relationship building, a team member was eventually asked to pray for a man’s swollen hand. What started with aggressive confrontation ended with blessing from the Prince of Peace.

A Canadian woman came wanting to know more of Him. When asked how she was feeling she said, “It’s deeper than words.”

Whilst praying for a woman about her psychotic daughter she became very excited. She hadn’t told us that she had no feeling in her arm (physiotherapy hadn’t helped). It started to tingle with pins and needles, she could feel it. She was waving it about saying, “It’s amazing.” She went away with a big smile on her face.

A lady with acute OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) often couldn’t cuddle her daughter because of her fear of germs. The team shared about Jesus, she suddenly said, “What was that? Something went right through my body.” She then wanted to receive Jesus, a beautiful moment. She was then able to take a Bible and a white envelope, having not been able to take a tissue earlier. She had woken knowing she had to come into town that day! Later, she was able to take on most of the care of her daughter.

A lady’s fibromyalgia pain eased.

Amazing peace was released to a struggling Christian lady through a prophetic word and prayer.

A man said to a team member, “If it wasn’t for this man I wouldn’t be here now.” He had been prayed for and ministered to three years ago whilst estranged from his children as the result of drug abuse etc. He was celebrating his birthday with his two boys on that day. He is working as a security guard. “I love you man,” he said. He and his boys were prayed for giving Jesus all the glory.

A man cried tears of thankfulness as he met with God.

A despondent Christian woman said, “So God hasn’t forgotten me,” when told prophetically the name of her Church and her job. She left blessed and loved.

Andy from Glasgow came to tell us that he’d come down from Glasgow five years ago and had been healed. He came on the Tuesday and the Thursday to say thank you and hang out for a while.

A lady came to say thank you to us for praying for peace for a trip to Africa. She said the peace stayed with her for the whole of the trip.

A lady vicar had sore feet, pain level six. It had started after a long walk a few months ago. After prayer she walked away then returned to tell us that the pain in her left foot had gone and the pain level in the right foot had reduced to one or two.

A young man could not lift his arm having damaged his shoulder, he was trying to work with difficulty. After prayer he was waving his arm high in the air and laughing. “My boss will be pleased,” he said and rushed off to show him!

A young man arrived just as we were packing up. He’d been watching us for a while and realised it was his last chance. He was suffering with PSTD (post-traumatic stress disorder) after being savaged by a dog three years ago. After prayer for trauma and a healing testimony he asked, “Can you pray for my bad back?” His leg grew, the pain left, he received an envelope and ran off to tell his friends.

So, how many people have been healed or helped by HOTS Bath? Would you like to know? If you would, please click here to find out more.

We know it’s not just happening when we are on the streets. If you have testimonies we would love to hear them, it builds us up and encourages us all. Please use our contact page to get in touch.