Team Meeting, Monday 20th May 2019, 7:30pm

On Monday 20th May at 7:30pm we plan to have a team meeting at 25 Sion Road, BA1 5SH.

We should spend a little time talking about any changes between our old approach to our ministry in the Abbey Churchyard and elsewhere, and what we will be doing from now forward. Mark’s teaching is intended to help us be more effective and should not be seen in any way as a limitation on what we do, so we should talk about stuff. Similarly, I would like to bring back the little folding sign boards we used to use under Paul Skelton’s leadership so that we can have something that says we are doing, what we are doing, in the name of Jesus, ‘cos so many passers-by ask “are you Reiki healers?” – which we are definitely not!!!!!!!!!!

Also, make some time to pray for ourselves and our next few months’ work as Jesus’ witnesses in the middle of this city.