Upcoming items

Some of us are thinking about working towards having a ‘healing room’ here in Bath, perhaps during our winter closed season from HOTS, when it’s cold outside. I plan to give time to talking about this on one of our monthly Monday evening gatherings, probably September.

I was talking to a very dear friend of ours who runs a ministry to girls working in massage parlours etc in Bristol.  Rosie has asked if we could help her team members with guidance on how to pray for the sick and emotionally hurt among them. Therefore we will plan for a few (mainly ladies among the HOTieS) to do this later in the year. Equally, doing what they do, often in difficult situations, Rosie and her team have bucket-loads of compassion and some of you may remember from training sessions with Paul Skelton over the years that compassion is the starting point for our ministry. So, Rosie will be returning the favour and coming to talk to us about that as well later this year.